Our Entire Process at a Glance

​Step 1: You decide that you'd LOVE us to be your prep center and we have decided we/d LOVE to have you! 

Step 2: Sign up on our website in the top right hand corner.

Step 3: You will get a few automated emails on how to link us to your Amazon account and setting up our listing software.

Step 4: You will complete this (takes a solid 15 minutes).

Step 5: We will accept your Amazon invite and send over a Google Spreadsheet so we can keep track of your items.


Step 7: We receive your items, sort them by your First and Last name.

Step 8: We pull up your spreadsheet that we have shared with you and check your items in by marking the date we received.

Step 9: We store your items in your individual inventory bin by your First and Last name.

Step 10: You're ready to have your items shipped? You'll go to our website>My Account>Demand a Shipment.

Step 11: We will ship your items usually within 2 business days.

Step 12: Okay, we have your shipment request! We ship items in the order that they were received.

Step 13: We go get your items from your inventory bin and pull up your spreadsheet.

Step 14: We will login to your Amazon Seller account with our login and into Scanlister(our listing software)

Step 15: We double check the condition of your items, we then sort them into stacks by condition.

Step 16: After they're sorted: We start scanning them into the software. 

Step 17: Once we have them scanned in, we then label all items with Amazon SKU Labels.

Step 18: We finish the shipment; after we have finished the shipment Amazon will tell us where your items are going.

Step 19: We box your items up, ensuring that they never go over 50LB's(Amazon requirement)

Step: 20: We weigh each box, enter them into Amazon and request shipping labels.

Step 21: We label each box with the Amazon provided labels, then place the boxes back onto the scale.

Step 22: We take verification pictures of every box that leaves out facility(that we can fit on the scale)

Step 23: We add every Box Verification pictures to our Shared Google Drive(you already have access)

Step 24: We send out your items typically the same day with UPS. We then will send an invoice by the end of the week!

We hope this at a glance helps and assists any questions that you may have about our process! 

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